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24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Service
The Alarm Service provides an easy, robust means to monitor and manage alarms from multiple systems through a single client interface. The Alarm Service product is a combination of a service running on our two servers with the Database Service installed and a client application running on the user’s PC. The Alarm Service pushes alarm and alert information to the Alarm Client over a user-configurable TCP socket. Users can monitor real-time alarms and alerts through our Alarm Client application. Alarms and alerts appear in a pop-up window on the client PC (if installed). Users can review or acknowledge alarms or alerts, or hide the pop-up window.

Zeuner Limited also uses a voice alert for alerting people who are currently unavailable via email or SMS. Zeuner’s quality Speech Synthesis produces a highly intelligible voice translation of your alarm content, which is delivered as a voice call.

Operator response
To ensure operator response to alarms, the pop-up window is set to always be on top of all other desktop applications and cannot be minimized or closed except by user command. Users run a configuration wizard to customize the display of alarm and alert attributes in the Alarm Client. The configuration wizard can also associate alarms with system graphics in a web page for easy display of graphics on alarm and can link a .wav file for audible signals on alarms and alerts. The Alarm Service monitors the connection between the client and server and indicates a loss of connection to the user via email.
Alarm Client
Alarm Client application installs in the Windows system tray and monitors for an alarm from the Web Supervisor. The Alarm Client does not require an open web browser to monitor alarms.
Alarm Monitor
Alarm Client can monitor alarms from multiple Web Supervisors and emails.
Pop-up window
An automatic pop-up window appears on alarm. The alarm window stays on top unless hidden by the user’s manual command.
Easily review
Users can easily review and acknowledge alarms, view alarm details, go to a web page associated with the object in alarm, or hide the alarm window.
User-defined alarm display table meets customers custom alarm management needs.
Filter alarms
Our Alarm Client can filter alarms and alerts by time and date range, notification class and user’s security group

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