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Billing Service

The Billing Service is a application which enables users to easily monitor utility usage and to create invoices based on that usage. The application serves as both a monitoring tool and an invoice generation tool, allowing invoices to be manually or automatically generated for a variety of utility usage patterns. The user accesses the application through a standard web browser. No client software is required. Invoices can generated on a scheduled basis, and e-mailed out in PDF format.
Standard protocols
Our two servers (UK and Germany) collects and archives meter data from various systems via a variety of open standard protocols, either directly over IP or from controllers with direct meter inputs or serial network connections such as Modbus. If required static client/utility related data can be imported from external databases including CSV, SQL and Oracle. Invoice and report data can also be exported to an external database or application.
Owner Management Interface
The user has the ability to add, modify, and view information about the property management company, including the company’s name, address, contact, email, phone number, fax number, and company logo.
Management Interface
The user has the ability to add, modify, delete, and view information about clients (tenants), associate clients with one or more meters, and to access copies of past client invoices. Client information includes the client’s name, account number, building, address, contact, email, phone number, fax number, and client logo.
Contract Management
Each client (tenant) can be set-up with a number of contracts representing each of their utilities. Both allow for the utility rate, tax percentage, a management fee, an improvement fee, and a surcharge amount. The Flat Rate Contract assumes daily charges, which could be used for services such as cleaning as well as flat rate utility costs. The Timed Contract enables different tariff rates to be set for different periods each day and for specific dates and date ranges. This is very flexible and allows for a variety of charging regimes, including out-of-hours override contracts.
Meter Management Interface
The user has the ability to add, modify, delete, and view information about utility providers and to define meters and sub-meters within the service. Meters can be designated Flat Rate, or Timed. The information includes the area/meter/process number, a descriptor for the area/meter/process being metered, the unit of energy or material being metered, and the associated Utility Provider.
Invoice creation interface
Invoices can be generated automatically according to a schedule and e-mailed as PDFs and/or printed as desired. The invoice templates can be changed and company logos added. There is an invoice history manager which enables all past invoices to be listed and searched.
Data Entry/Output
On larger projects, rather inputting all data manually, static data relating to the clients or utilities can be imported from CSV or SQL databases, and invoice data can be exported by the same means.

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