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How are history saved by the controller.
Our remote controllers store all of the histories in a single compressed file ( A running controller opens the file in the conrollers ram disk space, the histories are compressed and saved to flash whenever the controller is saved. Opening the file to the ram disk eliminates the need to write to the flash drive each time a record is added to the history file.
History Data
When the controller needs to write a record to a history, it opens the specific history into the running controller from the ram disk. Depending on the amount of historys collected then our two servers (UK and Germany) will collect the stored history from the controller and then store in the main databases housed in Uk and Germany. So all your building data is securely harvested and ready for any automatic or manual generated reports.
Data log
A data log is referred to as a history. Histories are ordered collections of timestamped records. A single “history” is a collection of specific data values from a component within any station - local or remote. Histories are organized by their source controller.
Live History Chart
Starting in the controllers background a live history charting is available for history data. This feature includes the ability to display historical data (trend data) in a Live History Chart view that plots a range of data from a configurable start time to the current time and continues plotting as new data is generated by the source.
About delta logging
When you are logging data, such as electric consumption (kWh) or other information that uses a running total, you may want to know the difference between consecutive timestamped values instead of the actual running total. The delta logging feature is provided for this type of calculation. For delta logging, data is logged (as normal) using the appropriate NumericChangeOfValue or NumericInterval extension. Then, in the history chart or history table view, you simply select the Delta option box to display the delta values instead of the running total value. Delta values are computed by taking the difference between one numeric record and the next. The timestamp of the last record (of the two) is used as the timestamp for the delta value.

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